Visions and transmissions

VISUTECH Jan-Olof Jungersten webbJan-Olof Jungersten is the CEO and founder of Visutech nad he has over 30 years of experience within the graphic industry. The transmission in packaging will be his fifth professional transmission after the cell phone, home computer, satellite-TV and commercial print.

Jan-Olof is driven by a passion for transmissions and a love of recessions. That love and passion has encouraged him to write about his visions.

So far, Jan-Olof has written three books, and the latest that was published in 2018 is about the next big transformation - the packaging industry.

Transform the packaging industry

New digital technology will play a big part in the transformation and originates from the commercial print market that transformed in our last low economy. But to prosper within packaging you’ll need to change your entire business plan. In this book we’ll go through the necessary stages step by step.

Here, we’ll examine the all-important steps of connecting with brand owners, understanding different cultures, the issues of sustainability and how new packaging will reduce food waste. We also analyze how a low economy will get the transmission up to speed.

Doing things in the right order and at the right time will help you a lot in this transformation. Make your own story together with your customers; it’s a win-win situation. Timing is essential, and the timing is now. Embark on your mental journey today – it will be a thrilling ride.

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Printers - an industry in transition

"VISIONS & TRANSMISSIONS. Printers - an industry in transition"
collects thoughts and information about what's going to happen. But above all, what is NOT going to happen. Hence the book is called also "The NOT Book". The book touches printer's evolution from crafts to communications provider in both physical and digital form and the huge potential waiting.