Visutech Digital Academy

Visutech Digital Academy offers a range of interesting and result oriented events, trainings and seminars for the graphic industry. We invite reputable lecturers to the seminars. Our seminars are a platform for knowledge exchange within the graphic industry.

The world is changing and so does the way we treat our customers and their partners. Social media has completely overturned our traditional ways to meet. With the new social arenas the communication with costumers is changing from monologue to dialogue. In these new arenas the users are in focus. Within Visutech Digital Academy we have implemented unlimited space for new technology and new opportunities to develop the social arenas even further.

Visutech Digital Academy is conducted in the state of the art facility that was built and opened 2012. This is where we merge all kinds of desired technology with our demo center, conference rooms and our “Vision Room”.


Digital-Adademy-Team-300x199pxThe Visutech Digital Academy Team consists of Trond Nilsen, Helena Gustafsson, Peter Sjögren and Jimmie Östman. The team spends a lot of time to plan and execute our events. They work actively to find good subjects that cover all functions within the printer’s field.


In Visutechs demo center, focus is on the latest production news such as web2print and workflows together with the latest digital offset presses from HP Indigo. Here you will find new solutions; in-, near-and offline, fully integrated with HP Indigo.

Let yourself be inspired by all our brochures, books, calendars, business cards, DM-DR, photos and photobooks etc. Please come and print your own jobs while visiting us. Why not enhance your prints with effects such as embossing and UV varnishing variable up to a thickness of 70 microns? Discover the new world of printing!


The Visutech vision room is built like a cinema, the room is packed with the very latest technology in AV communication. Our goal with this room is, together with our customers, suppliers, partners and graphical organizations, to increase the understanding of our vision for the graphic industry's future.