Jigraf broadens its capabilities with HP Indigo

Two UV-inkjet printers and an HP Indigo where the options when the label printing company Jigraf wanted to upgrade its digital capabilities. The road towards a decision was long and it took over a year to come to a conclusion.

– We chose HP Indigo WS6800 mainly because it is an extremely flexible machine that prints with the highest quality on all types of materials, it suited our needs, says Mats Jarlebrink, one of two brothers who runs the family business Jigraf.

Jigraf in Landskrona, Sweden, is a label printing company that has printed self-adhesive labels for quite large customers since 1980. Ever since its inception, the company has offered digital printing, first as black/white, but from the early 2000s, even in CMYK. In 2009, to expand its capacity, Jigraf invested in an HP Indigo WS4000.

When it last year, again, was time to upgrade the digital capacity Jigraf did a proper analysis of the different options on the market.

– We went on for almost a year, traveled around and tried different techniques. In the end we had three options, one HP Indigo and two UV-inkjet printers, says Mats Jarlebrink.

He says that it was an extremely complex decision, to include all required parameters. For Jigraf it was a crucial investment and a strategically important deal.

– For us it is necessary to be effective and to be able to offer our clients the best solutions at a competitive price. Therefore, we took time, before we decided, says Mats.

The decision was taken when they were given the opportunity to visit the HP Experience Center in Barcelona.

– We saw the benefits HP brings today and the opportunity HP will offer in the future, and that tipped the scales.

With the new HP Indigo WS6800 digital press, Jigraf obtains a wider option, with many more opportunities to serve the customers. That was vital. It also increases the digital capacity 4-5 times.

– This will be our primary digital machine that will run day after day and serve many different needs. We also get a superior print quality, faster printing, and at a better price.

Today, 20 percent of the print volume are digital printing and the remaining are flexo. With the new press, Mats Jarlebrink expects it to be 50/50, thanks to a higher break point.  

– Earlier the break point was at 1000 roll-meters, but with the new HP Indigo WS6800, we can handle 4000 roll-meters with good economy. It allows us to move print production from flexo to digital.

This means that Jigraf can deliver faster and intend to offer their customers delivery within five days.

– Most label printing companies have 10-15 days delivery, but customers do not want to order large series to have in stock, it ties up capital and is a risk. Instead, the customer wants to order on demand and then you have to be able to deliver quickly.

In mid-January, the new HP Indigo WS6800 will be installed.

– It will be great, now we get a completely different software where everything is increased, better print quality, higher breakpoint, faster printing and better price.