StrongPoint Labels ranks no. 1 in the world!

PrintOS Print Beat are a performance dashboard that brings the HP Indigo users full visibility of near real-time and historical data of the of the press and easy access to key performance indicators, such as print volume, failure rates, restart rates and optimal use of main consumables.

PrintOS Print Beat has a ranking indicator for customer site comparison to other HP Indigo print service providers in their country, region and worldwide on a weekly basis.

Last week StrongPoint Labels was ranked as no.1 in the world, congratulations!

Leif Persson StrongPoint Labels Golden-Trophy web

“Congratulations, StrongPoint Labels, No1 in the world!”
Alon Bar-Shany, Vice president and general manager of HP Indigo Division

“I’m so proud and happy of my team. Don’t forget all the support we get from Visutech and HP”
Leif Persson, Senior Vice President & Managing Director - StrongPoint Labels