Pioneer in label printing

Digital Etikett is a digital label printing company in Norway. Having already two HP Indigo machines company has recently invested in brand new digital finishing machine: ABG Digijet. Now the whole production can be done digitally.

Small village of 1000 inhabitants, in the middle of Norwegian fjords. That is the wonderful location of Kjetil Hovland’s creation: Digital Etikett. Tale of the Norwegian entrepreneur is fascinating indeed.

Kjetil Hovland was working in the 1990’s in print companies and later also in the supplier business at Spacio (nowadays Marabu). At that time Hovland was working and living in Oslo. It was 2007 when he made a decision to make his own business idea to fly high. That decision affected the family also. Kjetil’s family (wife and three children) moved out from Oslo and headed to the small countryside village of Gaupne, the place where Kjetil was born and lived his childhood.

– Since small boy I have been fascinated about labels and stickers. It’s just something in it. And the business idea I had, was precisely about doing labels. I saw and still see big opportunities with label business.

Hovland started building his dream with a well described business plan. First as a trader for 6 months, and then in a garage from 2008 with a series 2 HP Indigo and a ABG finishing line. Business was growing fast and the garage went too small.

– We built our own factory in 2014. Later second factory in 2017. Now we have 6 machines and we are 16 great label colleagues, Hovland tells.

Digital Etikett is running two HP Indigo (20000 and WS6800) and four units of ABG finishing machines. In October 2020 Digital Etikett is receiving something totally new: ABG Digijet.


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Originally published by Print&Media magazine in Finland, October 2020.


Digital-etikett-PrintMedia-highlights2020 whiskey-label-circle Digital-etikett-PrintMedia-highlights2020 kjetil-hovland-circle
By using digital inkjet technology ABG Digijet is cabable of doing for example spot varnishing, foiling and embossing effects into labels – without any extra tools. Kjetil Hovland is the founder of Norwegian label printing company Digital Etikett. Company is running it’s print production digitally. Now finishing becomes digital also.


Publicerad: 20-10-15