PackageMedia is upgrading to digital economies with HP Indigo 30000

After ten years as a fully digital printing house in packaging solutions PackageMedia is now taking the next step. With a large investment in, for example, a HP Indigo 30000 they are upgrading their capacity and preparing for digital economies.
- We want to make our production more efficient, so that we can offer more capacity and deliver larger volumes to the industry, says Vesa-Matti Marjamäki, Vice President of PackageMedia.

Already in the 1990s PackageMedia began using digital printing technology, as one of the first printing houses in the world. In 2007, the company embarked in the packaging industry, becoming a part of Finland's largest packaging producer Pyroll Group. Today PackageMedia is 100 % digital and one of the leading printing houses in the Nordic region in packaging solutions.
But despite the long experience of digital technology Vesa-Matti Marjamäki thinks that they are still in the start-up.

The company now plans to upgrade its capacity further by a large investment of around three million euros. Among other things this investment holds an HP Indigo 30000 as well as finishing equipment.

- In addition to the HP Indigo machine, we also invest in a new coating unit from Tresu, new finishing equipment from KAMA, foiling equipment and software solutions.

The investment was preceded by a careful analysis of all possible solutions on the market. In the end it was only a few machines left, which could offer the B2 format. The choice fell on one of HP's largest printing presses.

- B2 format is optimal for our production and gives us greatly increased capacity.
HP Indigo is the most cost effective and the fastest printing press.

Many competitors have specialized in various industry segments, whereas PackageMedia has chosen to invest broadly and add new digital solutions to their printing services. One of these services is a new analytical tool, PackageMedia digital services.

- We add a unique identity for each package directly in printing, which we can then use to build different solutions, where customers can measure the results of their efforts right away.

HP’s partner in the Nordic region, Visutech, carried out sales and installation. Since the launch of the Indigo 1994 Visutech has made several installations of HP Indigo digital presses in Finland.

- The market is increasing rapidly both in terms of digitization and packaging. PackageMedia has taken a leading position in the digital packaging solutions and is one of the main players in the Nordic region. We are very proud to have entered into a strategic partnership with PackageMedia and their innovative team, said Gido van Prague, General Manager of the HP Graphics Solutions Business EMEA.

In the picture from the left: Aleksi Uusitalo, boardmember Pyroll, Vesa-Matti Marjamäki, Vice President PackageMedia, Mauri Reinilä, CEO PackageMedia, Gido van Praag, General Manager EMEA, HP Graphics Solutions Business and Niilo Pöyhönen, vice president Pyroll packaging.

Handshake-PackageMedia-Pyroll-HP 450

From left:  Aleksi Uusitalo, styrelsemedlem Pyroll, Vesa-Matti Marjamäki, vice VD PackageMedia, Mauri Reinilä, VD PackageMedia, Gido van Praag, General Manager HP EMEA Graphics Solutions Business och Niilo Pöyhönen, vice VD Pyroll förpackning.