Scodix Ultra 5000

Scodix Ultra 5000

Designed for the Packaging Market

Designed for the growing high-end packaging market – The Scodix Ultra 5000 digital enhancement press occupied to support rigid box and folding carton packaging applications.

Scodix Ultra 5000

The B2 Packaging Enhancement Solution

The Scodix Ultra 5000 is the preferred choice for rigid box and folding carton printers to be able to offer shorter run lengths, increased SKUs, enter new markets and gain a competitive edge in an industry where value-added services empower brands. The Scodix Ultra 5000 is equipped with dedicated designed capabilities for the packaging materials. The ability to print on thick papers and work with a pallet feeder and pallet stacker supporting the main needs of a packaging print factory.

Scodix Ultra 3000 Applications

  • Scodix Sense™
  • Scodix Foil™
  • Scodix Metallic™
  • Scodix Glitter™
  • Scodix Spot™


  • Scodix VDE™
  • Scodix Cast&Cure™
  • Scodix Braille™
  • Scodix Crystal™