MASTER M5 - Flexo press

The ultimate digitalized flexo press.

Built for full digitalization of the production workflow, the MASTER M5 is the ultimate press for converters willing to automate their production line, with systems and solutions that reduce downtime and waste. Configurable with print cylinders or sleeves, the machine is ready to be equipped with oneECG technology delivering repeatable consistency run after run,  irrespective of the application run length, and minimizing ink consumption and inventory.

Outstanding productivity – oneECG-ready
  • Digital workflow with integrated printing and converting technologies enable 1 minute job changes, very high quality consistency at very low operating costs.
  • Unlimited substrate types.
  • High press uptime, very fast time-to-market.
  • Infinite Flower print unit for controlling  print density changes at speed variations, monitoring  ink temperature.
  • Multi-process, product enhancing inline finishing applications.
Precision and quality consistency
  • Very accurate web-tension control from unwinder to rewinder.
  • Automatic pre-register setting.
  • ARC automatic print-to-cylinder register control.
More uptime, top efficiency
  • Digital automation ensuring productivity and process repeatability.
  • Very short set-up time and waste.
  • Easy to run for less experienced operators.
  • Production data accessible from remote devices.
  • Connectivity features for informed decision making.
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