HP Indigo 35K Digital Press 

The future unfolds

Gain on high-growth business with the step-function press for short-run folding cartons.

Optimize production efficiency by shifting to a digital mindset

Produce dozens of jobs per day and up to 1 million B2 sheets per month, by leveraging new tools to increase print time by up to 40%. Gain real production agility with drawers, a pallet feeder, and a proof tray on a B2 format.

Own the high-value market with wide application range

Adapt to changing market needs with one press that does the work of three. Expand your applications with the widest range of media and inks. Offer high-accuracy embellishment features, inline with the TRESU iCoat II 35K.

Deliver on the highest quality to meet premium brands’ requirements

Meet the most stringent brand color and quality needs in each and every job you deliver, with newly introduced automated tools and HD Imaging System.

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