Eskils Tryckeri i Borås (tv), Stefan Johansson och Veronica Larsson, Skaraborgs Offset i Skövde (th).

Eskils Tryckeri strengthens production capacity through investment in Revoria Press EC1100 from Visutech

Eskils Tryckeri, through its newly acquired company in Skövde, Skaraborgs Offset, has strengthened its collaboration with Visutech by investing in a new FUJIFILM Revoria Press EC1100. This advanced printing press will be installed during the spring in Skövde. The Revoria Press EC1100 will enhance the company’s production capacity and enable them to offer an even smarter printing concept to their customers.

The Revoria Press EC1100 has been optimized to support a wide variety of printing applications with its versatile finishing options and high-quality prints characterized by high resolution and color saturation. The machine is equipped with an “Air Suction Feeder,” booklet maker with three-knife trimming, and square back for efficiently producing finished printed materials ready for delivery to the customer.

“Skaraborgs Offset focuses on having a versatile printing press to produce various types of printed materials, including stapled brochures, with the aim of delivering top-notch results to our customers. By investing in the FUJIFILM Revoria Press EC1100, we are taking further steps forward as a leading player in the printing industry and enabling the production of high-quality prints. We value Visutech’s service organization, which contributes to a smooth and efficient production process,” says Henric Wiklund, CEO of Eskils Tryckeri.

Eskils Tryckeri is a family-owned company headquartered in Borås and is part of the ACG Group.

For further information, please contact:

Patrik Agblad, Visutech
+46 (0)735 07 67 63


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