Visutech Training Center

Visutech’s training programs empower your operators with knowledge and skills and enables them to optimize the capacity of your presses. This boosts efficiency and allows you to get more out of your presses. The courses combine theory with extensive hands-on exercises in a favorable learning environment. Training sessions are conducted in Swedish or English, all course materials are provided in English. 

Boost productivity through trained operators 

To enhance the ability to streamline productivity, we encourage you to assess the training level of your operators. In many cases, operators can efficiently address issues if they have adequate training and the right skills. 

We aim to provide our customers with training courses and encourage them to have trained operators at the right level this will reduce the frequency and duration of production stops, it also decreases the need for additional support.

Contact Trond Nilsen for more information and booking of our training programs.

Operator trainings

Visutech is certified to train operators on presses from the following suppliers:

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