Issue report

You make your issue report for equipment delivered by Visutech via the Visutech Service App, which, for HP Indigo presses, is installed on the press computer, and for other equipment, it is installed on a suitable Windows computer.  

Once you have submitted your issue report, you will be contacted by a service technician from Visutech Remote Support, who will initiate the troubleshooting process. Trained personnel on-site are required to handle the equipment correctly and assist the service technician during troubleshooting. 

If the issue cannot be resolved via Visutech Remote Support, OPC takes over the case, and the service matter is assigned to a technician who continues the work on-site at your location. 

In instances where you cannot submit an issue report via our Service App, contact Visutech OPC via phone or email. They will assist you in making an issue report. Subsequently, you will be contacted by a technician from Visutech Remote Support, just as if the issue report had been submitted via our Service App. 

Issue reporting for additional equipment (e.g., chillers and finishing) is also done via the Visutech Service App.

In the subject line, specify the equipment in question and provide the serial number where applicable. 

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