HP Indigo users:

Return Your Consumed RMA Parts

Certain spare parts for HP Indigo are part of HP’s RMA management. This means that when these spare parts are replaced, all consumed, damaged, or unused RMA parts should be returned to Visutech within 30 days of receiving the replacement part. As a customer, you are responsible for returning the parts. 

RMA parts that are not returned within 30 days of the replacement part’s delivery will be invoiced as a purchase of spare parts according to the agreement. 

You can check if an item is an RMA part by either having “Returnable part” written on the packing slip (if sent directly from HP) or the packaged is marked with the letters RE followed by six digits, e.g., RE123456. 

If you are unsure which parts these concerns, contact Visutech OPC, which has a list of the RMA parts delivered to your press. 

For a smooth return process, please use the attached return form. Fill in the return form and send it back along with the relevant spare part(s). 

Contact Visutech OPC if you have questions or need assistance with shipping documents at 031-743 41 01 or 

The spare parts should be sent to: 
Visutech Digital AB 
Lunnagårdsgatan 3 
431 90 MÖLNDAL 

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